Ich denke..

... ich bin wieder zurück.

Brauche dieses Ventil, um die Gedanken loszulassen die ich habe und das sind nicht immer gute.

Hab das Gefühl mein Schädel platzt manchmal und die Decke fliegt mit um die Ohren.


I Never Came -Queens of the Stone Age

When you say it's dead and gone,
I know you're wrong.

Cut and slash, sharpest knife.
It won't die.

Poison cup, drank it up.
It won't die.

No fire, no gun, no rope, no stone.
It won't die.

Why you gotta shove it in my face,
As if you put me in my place.
Cause I don't care,
If you or me is wrong or right,
Ain't gonna spend another night.
In your bed.

Laws of man, are just pretend.
They ain't mine.

Love so good, love so bad.
It won't die.

Some talk too long, they know it all.
I just smile and move on

Words ain't free, like you and me.
I don't mind.

Why'd you have to be so mean and cruel,
The dogs are loose I'm on to you.
You ball and chained together from the dawn to dusk.
Can't call it leavin, cause it's just,

I never came.
20.3.10 11:49


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